Don’t let high interest rate credit card debt keep you against the ropes.

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Are you ready to get out of high interest rate credit card debt? Take control with a low interest rate debt consolidation from Punch Associates.

Creditor calls making you feel down for the count? We can help you feel strong with an interest rate in the single digits and a single monthly payment.

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One monthly payment
Interest rate to the single digits
Cut your payments in half

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Following your current payment plan, you will pay total interest of
to your current banking institution before paying off your debt.

Punch Associates RATE

With Punch Associates, you will pay total interest of

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Hollywood, FL
My wife and I had been through it all: mortgages, college, and we were fine. However, we weren’t as prepared for retirement as we had thought. We had a good year, and then, realized we didn’t have enough saved. We put a lot on our credit cards and fell behind. Being on a fixed income made it hard. When Punch Associates offered to help, it was the lifeline we were seeking.
Palos Verdes, CA
No one ever thinks it will happen to them. And, then it happened to me. I got hurt at my job and it turned into my worst nightmare. My worker’s comp didn’t fully cover me, my insurance didn’t fully cover me. I put it all on my credit cards. The interest was overwhelming. I went to the bank and because of my credit they couldn’t offer me anything. I considered bankruptcy, but was scared. The mail offer from Punch Associates arrived. I cried. When I spoke with them, they listened. They understood me. They helped. Thank you for giving me my life back.

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